You Know You’re Not A Texan When…

Texas Flag

You know you’re not a Texan when you have no idea about Confederate Heroes Day. You’re especially not a Texan when you didn’t know it is a state holiday!

So you’re not a Texan either and wondering what I’m even talking about? Well, Confederate Heroes Day is celebrated every January 19 in honor of all those who fought for the Confederate States of America in the American Civil War. January 19 was selected in honor of the birthday of the famous Confederate, General Robert E. Lee. The Texas legislature adopted this date as a state holiday in 1931.

Here’s where the great irony occurs: there are times when Confederate Heroes Day coincides with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Another interesting note: in Texas, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is considered an optional holiday. This was supremely demonstrated in our little town: county offices and services were closed; city offices and services were open; schools, however, were closed.

I’m sure by now you’re really wondering why I’m even blogging about this. Well, it makes me think about how many things there are that aren’t readily evident or observable that often define how we see or define ourselves…and how that may separate us from others or others from us.

There’s a part that’s inherent to us as human beings and is purely descriptive in nature. The part that’s troublesome is when we use those descriptions to create barriers to maintain a separation between others and ourselves.

The Civil War and aspects about the current war we’re involved in are extreme examples of the lengths we go to to defend our identities. The civil rights movement and free speech are opportunities we have to influence others. I’m sure you can think of all sorts examples, from your own life and history, that highlights the delicate tension between uniqueness and separateness.

These are beginning musings, I’m sure we’ll revisit again. There are all sorts of interesting things to ponder, especially as a person of faith!

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