I was listening to a podcast on my iPhone, about five minutes into the stationary bike portion of my early-morning gym workout, when a text from my youngest son came in. He was letting me know that the baby #3 was on the way. A few texts back and forth and I learned that my daughter-in-law had been in labor for a couple of hours and the midwife had just arrived. Everything was looking good and he’d keep me posted.

I texted my husband letting him know the exciting news and went back to my workout. A few minutes later, my son called. He was in tears and could barely choke out that something was wrong with the baby. The ambulance was enroute to the hospital with his wife and the midwife, his mother-in-law was staying with the younger girls, and he was following the ambulance to the hospital. He’d call me when he knew more.

The next call was an update as my daughter-in-law was being prepped for a C-section. So much was happening, none of it sounding very good. The next call was some sketchy details about not knowing how long the baby, who we now knew was a girl, was without oxygen. A neonatal specialist was making arrangements for the baby to be flown with a special neonatal team from Fresno to San Francisco. He didn’t know if there’d be room on the plane for him, but he was leaving for San Francisco as soon as she was on the plane. I told him I’d see him in San Francisco.

That was two years ago. The medical professionals were preparing us for a very different outcome for this little life. The wonders of medical technology, however, gave this baby a chance to overcome the challenges presented to her during her birth. You would never know that it was touch-and-go for her or that there were serious doubts that she wouldn’t have some sort of physical and mental impairment. She is precious and full of wonder.

Every life is precious. Every life is full of wonders. Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we expect or the outcome may not be as we desired. There are no guarantees, even in the best of circumstances. Things can change in the twinkling of an eye irrespective of age, economics, environment, or education. We just don’t know nor can we guess. We must take things as they come, and trust God will equip us to that which we are called.

So much has happened in the two years since our youngest granddaughter’s birth. I think we’re all more mindful of life’s precious nature because of those events. Reminders to pay attention to the important stuff, not the urgent stuff. We cherish being able to experience her little milestones thanks to the wonders of technology. It’s not the same as living nearby, but video chat offers us seeing her in action as she opens her gifts or a face-to-face conversation as she tries out her new words and tells us about her day. She is a wonder … and we give thanks.

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