Watch Out for This Nativity Set!


A few years ago, my Dad got me more animals for my nativity set. My set hadn’t had any upgrades since my sons were young. I knew there were new pieces to the set, but other gifts and decor took purchase priority. I started my Christmas decorating today and the nativity set is always the first thing that’s unearthed from the storage bin.

Believe it or not, Christian churches have all sorts of rules about what can be displayed and what hymns can be sung during Advent. Needless to say, I don’t follow strict dogma. Our granddaughters love to play with the nativity set when they come the week before Christmas for our annual Family Christmas. Since it’s technically still Advent, they wouldn’t have the joy of playing with the nativity set if I was dogmatic about it. It’s always enlightening, and quite amusing, to watch them play.

As you can imagine, California does not have public space nativity scenes. Private citizens, however, can display nativity scenes, and many erect elaborate holiday scenes replete with the Grinch, Santa and his reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and blonde, blue-eyed, baby Jesus. Truly sights to behold!

Have you seen the Hipster Nativity Set? I was reading an article in my newsfeed about Millennials when my eye caught this picture. I just about spit my coffee out across the room! Jospeh’s man bun, yoga pants Mary, the solar roof stable and other hipster details are definitely 2016.

If you find yourself having a strong reaction to this hipster nativity set, it might be time to check in with yourself about the whole Christmas story. Advent is just the time to do that! There is nothing routine or predictable about God. Everything about Jesus testifies to that, beginning with his nativity.

The three wisemen totally rocked the segways in the Hipster Nativity Set! But I must confess. My camels are pretty cool.

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