Three Ingredients of an Epiphany

Orion's BeltAn epiphany dovetails nicely into New Year’s resolutions and goals. (Remember those?) There is the spiritual context of Epiphany completing the Christmas season that precedes the New Year. And there’s the mindful context of an epiphany that cements your resolve to actually follow through on your New Year’s resolutions and goals.

The spiritual Epiphany and regular ‘ole epiphanies have three similar ingredients. These three ingredients are what separate a true epiphany from an awareness. Some may think this is splitting hairs, and maybe it is if you want to remain static. However, if you’re listening to your life and paying attention to the signposts along the way, knowing the ingredients of an epiphany may be helpful.

Ingredient # 1 ~ An epiphany is perfectly hidden and perfectly revealed … just like God. Like the Magi, we only have limited knowledge about that which is being revealed to us. We must trust our instincts. As we follow those instincts, more is revealed.

Ingredient # 2 ~ We cannot create or control an epiphany; we can only be open and receive. An epiphany comes to us. It comes from the Greek meaning manifestation, awakening, or showing forth. We cannot control what the epiphany is; we can only be open to it. Like a gift, we have the option of receiving it or refusing it.

Ingredient # 3 ~ An epiphany demands for us to change. Well, maybe ‘demands’ is too strong a word, but a true epiphany calls forth something in us, for us. You know it in your knower. There’s a resonance that begs you to take action.

And we’re brought back to that place of trusting. Am I going to follow through and be open to what is revealed next so I can take the next step in my transformation process? Makes you excited for an epiphany!


Photo credit: Alnitak, Alnilam, Mintaka; Digitized Sky Survey, ESA/ESO/NASA FITS Liberator

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  1. So an epiphany is another adventure fueled by trust, faith and following the subtle signs………..right on!!!

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