Three Anchors to Sanity in an Insane World

A random shooting of a six-year old girl while standing with her Dad in their driveway. A domestic violence homicide a mile from my house. Disturbing video of Syrian civilians attacked with chemical weapons. A twelve-year old jumping to her death because of bullying. A Congress intent on maintaining political barriers. The usual insanity that touches all of us in the course of living: illness, death, dysfunction, jobs, family, and an endless litany of stuff that disrupts our otherwise manageable lives.

How can we stay anchored to sanity when insanity is all around us?

Here’s what I’ve discovered works for me when I find myself discombobulated by the craziness surrounding me:

1. Step into the Pink Bubble. Your bubble doesn’t need to be pink, but it does need to be happy color for you. Stepping into your bubble symbolizes removing yourself from the insane dissonance around you. It’s a place of sanctuary, a refuge (yes, you are a refugee from the insanity) to allow you to center or re-anchor.

When I’m in the Pink Bubble, I’m settling myself and tuning out all of the distractions so I can engage my next anchor. The other great thing about the Pink Bubble is I can step into it wherever and whenever throughout the day. I also like to start my day in the Pink Bubble because the things I do in the Pink Bubble frame the rest of my day. I can’t control any of the insanity outside the Pink Bubble, but I can put myself in an optimal place for staying grounded, character development, and personal transformation for my own sanity.

2. Engage a spiritual practice daily. I don’t know how anyone functions this side of eternity apart from God. I believe we all seek a power greater than ourselves on some level and the only way to find out if that is true is by applying it to our lives.

I have started my day with a spiritual practice for eons (yes, I’m older than dirt). I change it up from time to time to keep it fresh and engaging. Right now I’m using my Eternal Scheme Daily Word. It’s based on a compilation of practices I’ve done over the years.

I start my practice with a simple prayer: What do I need for today? How can I be an agent of God’s love and healing today? I then get my Daily Word (it’s randomly generated) to use a guide. I read the quote. I reflect on the scripture verse. I pray the prayer, adding anything I want to add. Then I consider the action. The action looks simple, but it isn’t always simple to enact. I write down my initial thoughts in a journal (yes, it’s digital) and consider how I will implement the action as I go through my day.

I check in with God and my action on the word throughout the day. Having the Daily Word ebook on my iPhone and iPad make it easy to reference throughout the day. I am serious about my own spiritual growth. I am intentional in applying what I’m discovering in my spiritual practice through the things I do and say. I can jot down any new insight or challenge in my journal. At the end of the day I have something to show for my efforts. I may not have affected world peace, but I did affect my own peace. And my peace affected peace in the household. You see where this goes.

3. Find kindred spirits. Life is not a solo venture. We don’t come into this life on our own and we don’t survive life on our own. We need at least one kindred spirit with whom we are accepted just as we are and with whom we can share openly and honestly.

Your kindred spirit relationships do take an investment. That’s why it is important to be selective. Your kindred spirit relationships must also be mutual. That means you accept each other with all the flaws and stars. You exercise a sacred trust with each other, knowing what you share together is confidential and unjudged. Your kindred spirit may not believe as you do, but you each are free to be in your own process.

Acceptance, respect, trust, and listening are essential for meaningful kindred spirit relationships. You’ll know you have a kindred spirit relationship if you feel they could read your journal and it wouldn’t change how they see and feel about you. Not that you have to share your journal; you’re comfortable knowing it wouldn’t change your relationship with each. After all, a kindred spirit is someone you can turn to to help maintain your anchor in an insane world.

Yes, the world around us is insane and in great need of transformation. However, for any social transformation, personal transformation must take place first. That means WE must be transformed too. When we anchor ourselves and allow the transforming grace of God to infuse us, we can be a beacon in the dark insanity.

We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do. ~  Mahatma Gandhi

Time to enter the Pink Bubble. And yes, my Pink Bubble has sparkles.


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