The Soul Awake

Sunny Day in the Redwoods
Creative Commons License photo credit: kxande2

Hope is the dream of a soul awake.                                                  ~ French Proverb

In the eternal scheme of things, hope is the trustworthy companion that makes the journey bearable. I don’t know about you, but having hope allows me to persevere, endure or move forward in spite of what else is going on or what the circumstances may be. Having the belief or trust that things will turn out for the best is the essence of hope.

I find I am most open to hope when I am heeding that still, quiet voice that speaks to my soul. Too often we’re so busy striving and surviving that we become confused or numb and miss that which nurtures or guides us on that spiritual level. There’s a lot of truth in the French Proverb: Hope is the dream of a soul awake.

Whether you believe in advent (coming into place) or Advent (the period beginning four Sundays before Christmas) the holiday season has begun! The holidays can be a joyous, hope-filled season or a stressful, obligation-ridden experience. The decision is ours. That’s right; we get to choose! The problem, or opportunity, with choice is we must be intentional about what we do choose. And being intentional means giving some prior thought about what we want and managing expectations.

Here are some things I’m considering this week:

What do I need to reorder in my life in order to find time and space to listen to that still, quiet voice?

What am I hopeful for this holiday season?

What needs to change within me in order for that hope to become a reality?

A passage from the Bible I’m contemplating: Psalm 122

My thoughts, shared through this blog, are some things I’m intentionally exploring in order to make this a rich, fulfilling advent AND Advent. I invite you to share your thoughts with me. Conversations and connections enrich all of our experiences!

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