The Eyes Have It


Today was our day to go to the opthamologist. My eyes are still dilated and numbed from the four sets of drops, so I apologize now for any mistypes. The opthamologist is one of the least invasive doctors I go to, yet eye stuff gives me the willies. Even in my advanced age, I still cannot watch someone put contacts in!

The picture of Granddaughter #2, age 4, tells it all!┬áHere’s what I learned from today’s visit.

1. It gets easier. We’ve never been consistent with regular eye exams. I was really in need of glasses and decided if I had to go, Saint Sam needed to go too. That was last year. We both had issues show up and now were going to be having regular and more frequent eye visits. Today was my third visit in a year and I actually did well. It was only a little easier getting all those drops in, but I was stellar with the eye pressure test! I knew what to expect. I utilized my best coping skills. It was temporary. Thankfully, I don’t have to go back for a year, but if I had to go back in six months, like I expected, I knew it would be a little easier than it was this time.

2. Visual impairment = mental impairment. We got home and neither one of us could see to work at our computers. We decided to use that time for status updates on a project we’re working on. I had the hardest time staying engaged! I am a really visual person and not having full acuity did impact how I processed and analyzed information for our project. If the subject matter was something within my area of expertise, I don’t think it would have been difficult at all. However, for something outside my expertise and skill set, I rely on more sensory input.

3. Age happens. Sometimes I feel like I’m inhabiting an alien body. I’m almost at peace with aging. I’m still going to do what I can to fight off the effects of aging as long as I can. Good habits for eating and exercising will only go so far. There is always so much more we don’t have control over than what we do. Finding the delicate balance between what we can do and what we need to learn to let go of is a lifelong journey. I have a little saying I use to remind me: What God calls me to, God equips me for. That includes aging and anything else along the way.

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