The Birthday Princess

Princess Keana

Once upon a time, a little girl was getting ready to celebrate her seventh birthday. She was very excited about it. She told everyone in her first grade class her birthday was coming up. She knew this was a special birthday. After all, she’d already lost seven of her teeth!

Now this little girl has a very big imagination. She creates elaborate stories about princesses and fairies and mermaids. All of her characters have magical qualities that help them transform an otherwise dull and boring existence into adventures that take them to far away destinations in search of rare and dazzling jewels. Sometimes they just like to travel to other kingdoms in search of distant cousins who are under the spell of a wicked troll, hoping to rescue them from their wretched existence. Other times the princess meets up with her fairy friends to explore the wonders and secrets of far and distant lands.

The parents of this little girl were in a quandary about how to celebrate her birthday. For if you are a parent, you know it’s a lot of work to plan and entertain all of those children and their parents who come to join in on birthday festivities. It’s enough to cause you to swoon and want to drink the poison potion and fall into a deep sleep until it’s all over. But the little girl’s parents decided to be brave and courageous and utilize a wonderful and nearby enchanted wood.

Many of the little girl’s friends and family were summoned to meet in the enchanted wood at King Arthur’s castle for a birthday party. There would be great feasting on cake and other delicacies fitting for a royal party. There was great excitement at school for this party, for her father overheard the children talking about it when he arrived to help, as was his custom, in the little girl’s classroom.

The fairy godmother was nowhere to be found, so the parents of the little girl foraged for gowns and tunics and tiaras and crowns. The entire family was to be attired in finery, transforming them into a handsome king, a beautiful queen, a birthday princess and her court of two younger princesses.

And so it was. The little girl became the Birthday Princess. All her adoring subjects had great fun at King Arthur’s castle. The king and queen were quite pleased for their Birthday Princess had “the best birthday ever!”

The Queen Mother was most sad that she and the King Father were not able to attend the Birthday Princess’ party for they live in a far and distant land. While the magic mirror is no more, there is now the magic FaceTime and the Queen Mother and King Father were able to video chat with their granddaughter the Birthday Princess and watch her and her princess sisters open gifts sent from the far and distant land. And so it was a day of great thanksgiving and rejoicing for the precious Birthday Princess on her seventh birthday!

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  1. The Queen Mother does well at relating the adventures of the 7 year old Birthday Princess and sending the message through out the lands.

  2. That is great story with such a happy ending.  Perhaps the little princess inherited some of the Queen Mother’s imagination 🙂  Such a happy story and worth spreading to the lands near and far!

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