Sweet Pea and Pookie Bear

Boys and me

Our road trip to California is wrapping up. We said good-bye to my youngest son, my daughter-in-law, and three granddaughters Sunday. They left after the AIDS walk to head back to their home in Fresno. We said good-bye to my oldest son, sister, brother and his family this morning. They’re all in the Folsom area. We arrived this afternoon in Los Altos where my parents still live in the home I grew up in. We’ll leave here on Saturday to head back to Texas, via Oklahoma, where we’ll have a short visit with my husband’s family.

We last made this trip in December and it may be close to another year before we can make it back out to California again. My oldest granddaughter told us that it makes her sad to only see us once a year. That doesn’t ever make it any easier to leave! It never gets any easier saying good-bye.

I am eternally thankful for all the technology that allows us to maintain our connection: video chats, text messaging, email, cellphones (we don’t even have a land line), and social media! Technology allows us to have faster and visual access to each other which certainly helps in keeping up in each others’ lives. Remember the days of writing letters and sending photographs?!? Most of us were not very dedicated to that practice!

As awesome as technology is, it still doesn’t quite take the place of reading bedtime stories while snuggled up together, baking cookies or fixing a meal together, long conversations on the patio, or morning cups of coffee together. There’s something’s about being together in each other’s company that just can’t be replaced with technology. It’s better than nothing, but it’s not quite the same. Smiles, eye contact, hugs, connection, and companionable silence are still important to our humanity and well-being. All those studies in the animal kingdom still bear that out.

So even though my heart is heavy because it may be another year before I see my little Sweet Pea (aka my oldest son) or Pookie Bear (aka my youngest son who has three children of his own!), I am grateful for our days together on this trip and look forward to connecting through our technology channels.

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