My Sun Spot Keeps Moving by Jasper Bunny

Jasper Oct 13While all the fur people and tea bags are absorbed in the government shutdown, I am concerned my sun spot keeps moving! If the tea bags don’t care about their people, they certainly won’t care about this bunny. I guess they think since my fore-fur-fathers made it on Noah’s ark, I’ve evolved enough.

Actually, I’m quite resourceful and am glad for as little interference in my life as possible. Believe me, I’ll let you know if I don’t like something. My fur-Mama is a nurse and she is gone a very long time when she’s working at the medical center. That means I don’t get out of my bunny house for very long. I have learned how to escape my bunny-approved free area and found a nice corner in her dining room to chew up the carpet, showing my displeasure at being cooped up all day. She should just get rid of the allergy-causing stuff anyway.

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be so hasty. She took out the carpeting in my other bunny-approved area and put in hardwood floors. Obviously, she never consulted me because I hate hardwood and tile floors. I can’t get any traction whatsoever on them and will not make a spectacle of myself like my fur-siblings the kitties do. Really, I’m much too evolved.

Now that I’m done waxing eloquent off-topic, let me share my sun spot dilemma. With the changing seasons, the sun is lower in the sky and doesn’t come in the windows like it did all spring and summer. So now it’s less sun for less long AND I have to fight my fur-siblings for it. Sometimes it’s exhausting being the Alpha Bunny, but I’m telling you, if you aren’t assertive, it’s “your own damn fault!” I LOVE that phrase! The Boy’s great-grandmother used to say that quite often, I’m told.

The other aspect about my sun spot moving is I know the cold season is coming. I was rescued from the wilds and would never have survived the cold season even if I managed to elude some beast from devouring me. But with this whole government shut-down mess, what are the old and poor people going to do when their energy assistance, early education programs, and nutrition assistance to women, infants, and children are cut-off or terminated? There is no one to rescue them and that makes me very sad.

I was rustling up the pages of my fur-Auntie’s special book that had this in it:

The Lord said: If any of your people become poor and unable to support themselves, you must help them, just as you are supposed to help foreigners who live among you. ~ Leviticus 25:35 (#faithfulfilibuster)

I think those tea bag people who are always talking Noah’s ark and God creating the whole universe and everything in it in six days flat, don’t read that part of the Bible. It seems to me it’s a whole lot easier to understand and is very clear what is expected than how God could create everything there ever was, is, or will be in six days! Those are the same people that will probably tell me to shut up and just worry about my sun spot moving.

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  1. Gee, Jasper, I didn’t think about your sun spots moving to much with winter coming on. Those windows in your living area are much too high to give you much sun time. Sorry about that!

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