Spring Rituals

Now that Spring is finally here for some of us (all of my family and friends in California are thinking they should probably build an ark), I’m really curious what you do to celebrate Spring.

Spring, like the holidays, seem to bring out the ritual in people. I’m sure some of it stems from Judeo-Christian celebrations of Passover, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. However, I’m surmising that most people’s rituals have little, if nothing to do with religion at all. I’m guessing it is much more practical, like spring cleaning!

Where in the world did that idea come? No doubt from someone who wasn’t going to do the cleaning herself! Who relishes washing windows and getting all those nooks and crannies that remain shadowed through the dark days of winter? And how did all of those bugs get into the light fixtures that are flush against the ceiling? Who wants to iron the cotton outfits that have been tucked away for a long winter’s nap? And we haven’t even approached the yard.

I am grateful I don’t read Martha Stewart. Rumor has it she dedicates three pages to spring cleaning tasks! I’m also grateful I didn’t live in colonial days when spring signified gathering ashes accumulated from winter fires, adding tallow or fat, and making soap. How did that get one clean? That’s right up there with my grandmother’s version of coal for white teeth.

Speaking of my grandmother. She was from a hearty, South Dakota farm family. She was one of 16 kids, 14 of which lived into adulthood! One of her older sisters had 18 children! My great-gradnfather’s spring tradition was to plant on Good Friday. The date of Good Friday varies from year to year, but that was when he planted.

My brother and sister-in-law of Cioppino Feed tradition host an annual Easter Egg Hunt for the, what seems like, the greater Sacramento area. It is The Event of spring. While they do raise laying hens for eggs, I’m sure the buy cheap eggs for this event. My nieces are well-versed in event planning and execution. It’s fun to hear them talk about what they do the get ready for the Easter Egg Hunt. Word on the family grapevine, however, is that there will be no easter egg hunt this year. I can’t imagine what a shift it will be for all of those kids that have grown up together, celebrating Spring, hunting for eggs. I don’t think you ever are too grown up to hunt for eggs!

While there may be practical rituals we engage in for Spring, I am really interested in what you do to mark the season changing. I believe little things we do are important touchstones that ground us. When I’m weeding my flower beds, I am in touch with the earth and creation. When I clean my closets, I take stock of only what I need and share what I no longer use with others. When I clean my windows, the light and beauty from outside sparkles inside.

Enough from me. What about you?

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