Spring has Sprung…Finally

Walk lightly in the spring; Mother Earth is pregnant.     ~ Kiowa Proverb

A couple of weeks ago the barest hints of color began to appear…alas! The trees hadn’t yet starting budding nor were any wild flowers yet to be seen, but a tinge of green emerged on the two plants that survived our fierce winter. It also confirmed that the lantana that I planted because it was considered very hardy, really was dead…as were the ferns. No resurrection there.

Now everything is coming alive! Before long our pecan tree will be completely leafed out and the crepe myrtle bush will be awash in pink. The pink blossoms on the trees across the street have converted to leaves. The grass that’s been buried under several inches of leaves is green! And there are butterflies flitting about.

Have you noticed that Spring has its own fragrance? Well, besides the pesky pollens that wreck havoc with everyone’s sinuses and eyes. You welcome the warmer weather so you can finally open your windows! Apricots, artichokes, pea pods, and strawberries are in season. Just in time for some variety from brussels sprouts and kale.

Spring is the season of hope and new beginnings. Bounteous sunlight, lighter weather, and bursts of color show us that we only need hang on ’til Spring to move out of the dark, dreary, bleakness of winter. Newness, beauty, and life abound.


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