She’s Turning Three

IMG_5748Our youngest granddaughter is turning three. Each of our granddaughters’ birthdays are special, but there’s something extra special when Aliya’s birthday comes around every year.

We call her our miracle baby. The wonders of modern medicine greatly increased, not only her chance for survival, but a full recovery from any permanent trauma. You can read more about those wonders in a previous post.

Her feisty and sweet personality compliment the unique personalities of her two older sisters. She’s more than capable of holding her own in the lineup. She’s a total bundle of pure joy.

The wonders of modern medicine wouldn’t have been enough if it wasn’t for some basic things accessible to her parents.

Health Care Benefits: My son, Aliya’s father, works for a nonprofit that has excellent health care benefits for the whole family. Luke also has a college degree and those with more education have access to employment with better benefits. Only about half of all employees have access to health care through their jobs.

Comprehensive Care: My daughter-in-law, Aliya’s mother, comes from a long line of midwives and always intended to have her children at home with a midwife. While their heath insurance didn’t cover all costs for midwife care, it did cover some. The midwife they worked with during her pregnancy with Aliya required concurrent care with an obstetrician. The midwife monitored all prenatal visits and Sarah saw the OB for certain visits during her pregnancy.

Prenatal care is only one part of reducing infant and maternal death. Access to family planning services before and after pregnancy and well-baby visits with a pediatrician are also important. These services are not consistent, so it does matter where you live in the United States.

The United States has the highest infant and mortality rates of all developed countries. Currently, the United States does not ensure that women have access to comprehensive health care services for the four key periods for women and children – before pregnancy, during pregnancy, at birth and during the first year of life.¬†Countries with universal health care that includes women’s health coverage (including family planning) before and after pregnancy — that is, prenatal care as well as infant and child health care — have better outcomes than the United States.

No Firearms in the House: I have always been a proponent of reducing the number of guns on the street. Maybe it has something to do with being fired at doing home visits when a social worker for the Army and going into violent neighborhoods to visit parishioners when a pastor.

There have been over 90 gun deaths for kids under age 12 since the day after Newtown. Most of those gun deaths were accidents with the balance being alleged homicides. The most common scenario was one child shooting another child. Ninety children who will not see their next birthday. Twenty-nine of those children will not turn three.

I am thankful everyday for Aliya and her precious sisters, Keana (8) and Maia (5). I give thanks for their awesome parents, Sarah and Luke. Happy Birthday, Aliya.


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  1. It is hard to believe that all took place 3 years ago as I remember it well – as do the nurses working with me that day. The early calls, baby getting flown to SF and nothing I could do until the next day when I joined everyone in the City- where I still couldn’t do anything except wait………Happy Birthday Aliya!!!

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