The Seventh Day of Christmas and Seven Questions for the New Year

QuestionsQuestions. We all have them. We all ask them. But how many of us really consider asking them of ourselves? Today this Seventh Day of Christmas, we are on the precipice of one year ending and another year beckoning.

Many earnestly begin each new year with a set of resolutions only to find themselves sabotaged before the first week of the year is complete. A whole lot more is involved in fulfilling resolutions than merely stating them or writing them out and posting them on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror.

That’s why I like questions. The purpose of questions is to elicit information or raise a doubt about the truth or validity of something. Questions cause us to go deeper and probe, so that we come out better informed or more confident about whatever it is we’re questioning … including our priorities.

Christmastide Scripture

Think carefully about your choices. ~ Haggai 1:5

If you’re like most people I know, you feel pulled in a myriad of directions: full schedules, necessary and worthwhile activities, family, work, friends for starters. And then there’s God. Priorities isn’t a 21st century challenge. It’s was a challenge when Haggai raised it to the first group of exiles returning to their homeland over 2,500 years ago. Priorities we set for ourselves often get lost in the pursuit of other worthwhile activities.

Christmastide Action

These are the seven questions, in no particular order, I am asking myself this year:

1. What is one important thing I will do to improve the quality of my family life this year?

2. What spiritual discipline will I commit to this year?

3. What social issue will I learn more about it this year?

4. What books (besides the Bible, of course) do I want to read this year?

5. What will I simplify in my life this year?

6. What new health habit will I develop this year?

7. What relationship will I cultivate this year?

What are your questions for the year? Post your questions where you will see them every day, preferably in a couple of key locations, to remind yourself of your personal priorities for the new year.

Christmastide Prayer

I am thankful for the close of this year and grateful for all of the lessons of the year. May I be ever open and hopeful going into this new year. I will think carefully about my choices. I will trust Your guidance. I will seek to be empowered by Your Spirit. Amen.

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