The Second Day of Christmas by Jasper Bunny

Jasper FireplaceHappy Second Day of Christmas! I know some people call this Boxing Day, but us Netherlanders (remember I am a Netherland dwarf bunny) call it the Second Day of Christmas. Besides, my Auntie is blogging through the Twelve Days of Christmas so this is much more appropriate. Mostly, I’m just glad I finally get to write! You’d think there was something special about Christmas since I hardly got to write anything at all leading up to it!

Since it is the Second Day of Christmas, did you get your true love two turtle doves? That’s what’s so great about the Twelve Days; each day’s gift is specified for you and you don’t have to rack your little brain for ideas!

Now you all know I’m not the most religious bunny on the planet, so I’m just going to tell you that someone, probably the same person that started the whole thing about seeing Jesus’ face in the clouds, has put religious symbolism with each of the Twelve Days. The First Day of Christmas, True Love, is God. The two turtle doves are the Old and New Testaments. Personally, since the words were first printed in a children’s book in 1780, it’s more likely a fun culmultive song for the Twelve Days of Christmas.

The other thing about the Twelve Days of Christmas is that there are a whole lot of saint feast days. I guess those Middle Ages people needed an excuse to party hearty. All those religious political power people who liked making up religious rules and regulations probably felt guilty for just partying, so they attached all these religious feast days to sanctify their partying. Personally, I think God gets it. Jesus, who is is whom this season is all about, was Jerusalem’s most popular dinner guest and they all drank wine in those days. I think Jesus liked a good party.

Well, I wasn’t planning to write about all that! I have a whole lot of other good stuff to share and I hope I get another chance before it all dribbles out of my head!

In the meantime, I going watch this video that tells the story of the good King Wenceslaus, which is special for Boxing Day and the Second Day of Christmas, while sittingĀ in front of the fire. That is if it isn’t a spare the air day in my part of California.

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