December 20 ~ Sanitized Christmas

Advent 3There is nothing sanitized about Christmas. At least not in the Christmas story I know.

My [non-religious] sister came over for dinner last night. She is my most faithful blog follower and usually reposts most of what I write. She calls my Advent series the Adventure and was telling one of her friends that “we’re getting to the good stuff.” I bust out laughing! Even our outlaw family drama has nothing on Mary’s reality drama!

My sister is right: we are getting to the good stuff. And it’s not Thomas Kincade lit cottages and coziness. It’s not Away in the Manager sweetness either. It’s certainly not Silent Night “all is calm.” Nope. It’s not the sanitized, saintly version we celebrate with peace, comfort, and belonging. Instead, it’s a story of fear, pain, and alienation. That is the good stuff God knows something about.

Advent Scripture

I’ve decided to mix it up a bit with Amy Grant’s classic Breath of Heaven. The pictures throughout the song are from the movie The Nativity.

Advent Action

It may be hard to find a nativity scene, but someone in your neighborhood must have a plastic replica in their yard! Your Advent Adventure Action is to visit the nativity scene. I’d love to hear your thoughts or experience. I’ll share mine tomorrow.

Advent Prayer

Breath of heaven, hold me together.
Breath of heaven, help me be strong.
Help me be.
Help me.


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