Reptiles and Rodents

Flowering Cactus

Spring must be about here. Our three outdoor kitties are finding new playmates. I can’t say that I’m exactly thrilled.

It started last week. Soto was trotting onto the patio to have a little mid-morning snack. She suddenly stopped just before she got to her food bowl. A big, ‘ole lizard was lounging right there! She’s quite playful anyway, but now she had something to play with! The thing about lizards, she soon found out, is they will play dead in hopes that their tormentor will soon get bored and leave. That’s exactly what happened and the lizard, thankfully, left (although I would have preferred her eating the entire thing).

The next day, the lizard was back, this time without a tail! All three of the kitties were having immense fun batting it back and forth between themselves. I couldn’t tell if the lizard was playing dead or if it was dead. They’d hide behind a bush or the bench and then pounce on the lizard and then pounce on each other. It was hysterical. Later that evening when I went out to feed the kitties and I didn’t see that lizard! Somehow it lived to see another day.

In the meantime, a rodent of some form (no, I do not make it a practice to be able to identify types of rodents) was caught trying to escape the garage. Now I was going to be in real trouble. I haven’t seen evidence of rodents being in the garage since the kitties came to stay. Now, I discovered, the garage wasn’t as rodent-free as I thought! At least the kitties don’t leave me any love offerings like my older son’s cats. He’d find a paw or tail or some other rodent body part under his pillow!

Now I realize these repulsive creatures are part of God’s creation and, as species go, were here in rural Texas before we humans started to civilize the area. I am more than happy to share space with them … as long as they remain out of sight! Out of sight isn’t quite out of mind, but at least it’s tolerable. My long-suffering husband doesn’t need a catatonic wife on his hands.

I chose a spring picture since I couldn’t bring myself to posting a related reptile or rodent picture!

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