Pushing Boundaries by Jasper Bunny

Jasper BoundariesPushing boundaries is my New Year’s revolution (that was not a misspelling nor a typo). In fact, I think it should be everyone’s New Year’s resolution. Maybe then we’d have a real revolution and life would be better for every living creature, but I’m getting WAY ahead of myself.

My Auntie has been blogging recently about Epiphany and epiphanies. Bunnily (since I’m a bunny it doesn’t make sense to say “personally”), when you get to the place of pushing boundaries, you’ve had an epiphany about something and are testing it out. So my little post fits right into her theme this week. Don’t you just love it when everything comes together nicely?!?

I’ve been relegated to a limited space, with limited time out of my gated home. My human Mama, who is a nurse and works very long hours saving people’s lives, thinks this is best for me, especially after my last attempt at pushing boundaries. Sometimes there is no reasoning with her, so I decided to take a new approach. I also thought this would be a great way for me to see if extending my boundaries was something I really wanted.

I live in a gated house that really is a euphemism for c-a-g-e. When I’m let out of my gated house it’s into a gated community which really is a nice way for saying “fenced-in” area. The fence is a barrier and it restricts access to certain areas like the back of the entertainment area, the tiled hallway, stairs, and corners that I’ve begun removing her unwanted carpet for her. I thought she’d be happy about the carpet. She removed all the carpet in another part of the house and has been talking forever about removing this carpeting too. I think she’s resisting my help because she’s resisting change, but my Auntie told me that was being judgmental and unbecoming to such a wise bunny as myself.

The good thing about all this fencing as boundaries is that it has challenged me to think outside the box (pun intended) and try some new things. How else will I grow and develop if I don’t try new things? How will I know my greater potential if I’m not creatively exploring new frontiers? How will I discover my greater purpose, and it’s not rabbit gloves, if I don’t expand my abilities? You don’t survive all that I’ve survived only to languish in a cage bored to near-death!

Here’s what I’ve learned initially about pushing boundaries:

Decide. You first must decide what one boundary to push. You won’t know if you’re successful at achieving what you want if you’re pushing too many boundaries at the same time.

Plan. I really have to plan because my time out of my cage is so limited. I’m also very small and have limited bunny resources so I must make the most of everything I have.

Execute. This is the funnest part of pushing boundaries: doing it! I’m a very determined bunny and once I get started, I’m on my mission to accomplish as much as I can, in the time I have, with the resources available to me. I always, always, always feel good after executing.

Celebrate. Sometimes I’m so tired after all of my efforts, and a little worried about what my Mama is going to say, but I always do my little celebration dance when it’s all over. I look so cute doing it, she can’t stay mad at me very long. Usually she joins in and we play a little game of tag too. Win-win!

Here’s to your own New Year’s revolution and pushing your own boundaries!

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  1. When does Jasper have the time to write? He has been SOOOO busy lately. I’ve given him more time out of the cage thinking that would help to decrease his “exploring”. I think that has backfired as he has pushed his boundaries in all directions now. He has taught me about attitude in this last writing. I can chose to be upset that he is pulling up the carpet, or I can be thankful that he is loosening up the edges and making my job of pulling it up much easier. He knows I’m a procrastinator and who know when I’ll getting around to starting that project! Uh oh! I can hear he is up to something!! I better go check and see what he is up too!

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