Only in Texas

Texas State and Colors

One thing I love about road trips is seeing stuff you would certainly miss if you weren’t traveling by car. Truth is stranger than fiction and seeing is believing. We covered nine states in our last road trip, but rural Texas still has some of the best weirdness…at least in town names … although Oklahoma does have its share!

The first time I realized I was going to have geographical challenges came not long after we moved to Texas. I was at a meeting and someone mentioned Los Angeles. I asked them if they went to school, as in college, there and got this weird look. Turns out there’s a Los Angeles, Texas! There’s also a San Deigo! And to make things really confusing, the following are also towns in Texas: Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Colorado City, Detroit, Klondike, Little New York, Memphis, Miami, Nevada, Pittsburg, Reno, Santa Fe, and Tennessee Colony. Hmm. Wonder where those founding settlers originated?

We saw signs for Paris, Texas, so that got me thinking: how many major cities could we visit without ever leaving Texas? There are quite a few, and some you wouldn’t believe: Athens, Canadian, China, Egypt, Ireland, London, Moscow, New London (taking after the Puritans and New England, I guess), and Turkey. Egypt? Seriously? Is it because Egypt is biblical or because the landscape is barren like Egypt?

Foods are also well covered, the most famous food city being Rice, home to Rice University. But there’s more: Bacon, Chocolate Bayou, Lollypop, Noodle, Oatmeal, Sugar Land, Salty, Sweetwater, and Trout.

Someone from Disney and Sesame Street must have been inspired while traveling through Texas: Elmo, Kermit, Looneyville, Nemo, Sylvester, Tarzan, and Winnie. Purely uninspired: Energy, Humble, Nickel, Telephone, Telegraph (yep, been there).

I’ve grown used to some town names because we go through them on the way to somewhere. Dripping Springs is on the way to Austin. Comfort and Welfare are on the way to San Antonio. I might have a hard time keeping a straight face if someone told me they were from: Cut N Shoot, Dime Box, Earth, Frognot, Gun Barrell City, Hogeye, Hoop And Holler, Kickapoo, Old Dime Box, Notrees, Study Butte, and Uncertain.

Luckenbach may be famous for its population of 3 and music scene when Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, used to show up. But Wink is famous because it was the home of Roy Orbison! Only in Texas.


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