One Nation Under Sin

There is a lot of rhetoric around the United States being one nation under God. Some graduate students at Kansas State University have another possibility: one nation under sin. Geographers at Kansas State University created a spatial distribution map of the Seven Deadly Sins across the United States. They used demographic data collected for each sin. Red is more sinful. Blue is less sinful.


Wrath was calculated by comparing the total number of violent crimes per capita – murder, assault, and rape – reported to the FBI.


Envy was calculated by the total number of thefts – robbery, burglary, larceny and stolen cars.


Gluttony was calculated by counting the number of fast food restaurants per capita.


Greed was calculated by comparing average incomes with the total number of inhabitants living beneath the poverty line.


Lust was calculated by compiling the number of sexually transmitted diseases — HIV, AIDS, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea — reported per capita.


Sloth was calculated by comparing expenditures on arts, entertainment and recreation with the rate of employment.


Pride, as the root of all sin, is the aggregate of all data in this study.

How does where you live fare in the list of sins?

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  1. With all the problems North Dakota has been having recently with its mining boom, I can’t believe the western part of the state doesn’t appear a little more greedy and lustful.
    Here in Oregon were are red with envy, probably envious of the sunny weather everybody else is having

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