We’re on Vacation by Jasper Bunny

Jasper and TakumaMy kitty siblings and I are on vacation since our Mama is on vacation. She’s in Hawaii and we are at our Aunt and Uncle’s. It isn’t very exotic, but what do you expect. We’re just fur kids.

Our kitty cousins are very friendly, maybe too friendly since they really like my things and I have no privacy. I think Takuma wants to be a bunny! He really likes my hay and has taken all of my toys to other parts of the house where I can’t go. He threw up all over the place after eating my hay. Serves him right.

One of the best things about being on vacation is there are so many new things to do, my siblings, Spirit and Maui, leave me alone. Actually, I think they’re not used to other friendly kitties. Takuma really wants to make sure Spirit and Maui feel welcome, but they’re a little shy and like their space.

Spirit and Maui are really lucky because they get their own rooms and don’t even have to share with each other. They also get room service, eating their meals in their own rooms. I know part of the reason is Maui will eat Spirit’s food besides his own and he has a special diet.

Actually we all have special diets and my poor Auntie is becoming quite the special diet chef. I really like how she mixes my Greek yogurt into my critical care mush. I’m on antibiotics and my nurse Mama is worried about the flora and fauna of my gut. My Auntie really likes kale and she is very generous sharing some of her kale with me. I’m the only one who gets kale and that makes me specialer than the others.

I probably shouldn’t say I’m specialer, because that’s prideful. But then Takuma shouldn’t try to be a bunny. God made me an exotic and the kitties are just regular kitties (Is it prideful when it’s true?). I’ve heard my Mama talk about how my Auntie’s kitties are feral. That doesn’t sound like it’s something you should call other kitties. I’m not sure it’s nice. I learned that from humans. It’s not nice to say things about other beings unless you’re willing to be called that too. The thing is humans say a lot of things and do a lot of things without thinking about it.

Another things I really like about being on vacation is reading. My Auntie has a huge library of books right where I can get them. I’m especially enjoying the Hebrew Bible (It’s in Hebrew, in case you didn’t know) and a commentary on the minor prophets. I bet you don’t even know who Haggai and Zephaniah are! I do. They are fierce and say some pretty fierce stuff. Makes my little bunny ears burn!

Well, it’s time to shake things up. I think I’ll go pester Midori and Takuma. Maybe I’ll move Midori’s bed and take one of Takuma’s toys. I know all about the Golden Rule and maybe this will remind them that should know it too! Do you think they’ll think me fierce like the minor prophets?

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  1. Jasper Bunny,
    You are a brilliant writer and not prideful at all. You are a specialer bunny and that is just how it is.

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