Noodling Alert

The fine sport of noodling made my radar screen … again! My previous post For Reals?  was inspired by a Texas news article and an absurd law that is still on the Texas books. I found this post’s update tidbit in an NPR article, The Tale of the Tape: The VP and His Challenger. I almost missed this delicious news piece buried at the end of the article under Fun Facts:

He has professed a fondness for “noodling” — catching catfish with his bare hands.

Maybe Paul Ryan will do for noodling what Rick Santorum did for the sweater vest or Mitt Romney for the family dog. Industries might be inspired by these candidates, giving our much needed economy the boost. Who knows what possibilities might emerge?!?

We must be careful, however, to not overlook or miss the true practicality of this bit of news. I’m certain Rick Santorum wasn’t considering fashion at all when he adopted the sweater vest as his signature clothing item. No doubt he was thinking about the 99% of us who have tightened our fashion belts during this economic downturn.

He knew we had to make practical, rather than fashion-forward, decisions in our clothing selections. The sweater vest is the perfect solution. It can be layered, offering an inbetween climate option. It covers all the vital organs, keeping them protected and warm. Because sweater vests don’t have sleeves, they’re less expensive that sweaters. Without the encumbrance of sleeves, there is freedom of movement for arms, which will be really needed when jobs become available with the economic boost we’re sure to see with these new industries!

I’m sure if Mitt Romney’s dog were still here, he’s be the first to reassure us that he had a good life. Sure, riding on top of the family station wagon wasn’t the best of traveling options, but at least he wasn’t excluded from the family vacation! The dog might even tell us he gladly became the poster dog for canine benefits. Look at the discussion for canine welfare that was introduced into public discourse! That wouldn’t have happened had his unfortunate experience not been highlighted. The tech and social media industries have certainly benefited from the dialogue that was spawned from that one Romney family pet. There’s also the whole horse and equestrian industry to consider, but since that is primarily Mrs. Romney’s area, we’ll have to leave that for another time.

And that leaves us with Paul Ryan and noodling. Paul Ryan may totally be on to something with noodling. I think he’ll soon realize what a gift he’s giving the American people. What is currently an obscure hobby sport for relatively few, may be the saving grace for many soon. He’s replacing one moral argument (a budget is a moral document) with another moral argument (teach people to fish!). Very clever. Little did he realize how literal this might be and what an incredible boon for those who have been relying on Meals on Wheels, reduced or free school lunch programs, food pantries and other safety net programs. Self-sufficiency through noodling!

No need to purchase any equipment is a definite plus. This completely eliminates any financial obstacles. All you need are your hands! Entrepreneurs will see opportunities instantly for those too old or infirmed to noodle. Maybe another voucher industry will rise up to complement Medicare. Obesity rates will go down as a result of actively noodling for food. Plus fish is a much healthier food choice all around. Social media will be a-buzz with catfish recipe sharing and the best places for noodling. Catfish will be elevated in the gourmet food chain. So many goodness possibilities abound, thanks to Paul Ryan’s fondness for noodling.

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