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JasperBunny2I suppose you have considered name meanings. Maybe you were told why you were named with your name. Sometimes people use names from someone special in their family tree or in honor of a special friend. Maybe you have children and picked their names out of a little book of names and their meanings. I’m pretty sure that was NOT how I got my name.

My name is Jasper Bunny. I’ve channeled other blog posts on Eternal Scheme before. I know you must have already read them. But if you don’t want to hurt my feelings or lie, you can read them here and here. You will also learn a little bit about me and, no doubt, be enlightened by some of my wisdom.

When the mother of the boy (he’s not really a boy any more. He might even be middle-aged because he is 35 years old!) asked him how he picked my name, he told her I looked like a Jasper. Obviously, he knows nothing about jasper because I don’t look anything like a spotted or speckled precious stone!

Sometimes people pick names out of the Bible. I’m pretty sure he didn’t pick my name for that either! His name is in the Bible AND he was named after special relatives. His great-great grandfather had the name Peter and his middle name, Kamejiro, is from his great-grandfather. I know that animals don’t always get the same consideration as humans, and that is why we end up with such weird or ordinary names. I guess I should be grateful that Jasper isn’t too ordinary. That would be a definite insult to my exoticness.

Actually, my name isn’t a name in the Bible. Jasper is in the Bible, but it’s a precious stone. It’s a pretty important precious stone too! God told Moses to put jasper in the breastplate of the vestments for his brother Aaron, who was a special priest over all the other priests and people. God had all kinds of things for Moses to do. To make sure Moses didn’t get distracted, God had Moses climb up the mountain. They had a forty day and forty night training program or something up there. That’s when God told Moses about putting jasper in the breastplate of the vestments. In fact, there were four rows of precious stones. Jasper was in the fourth row with beryl and onyx. We were set in gold filigree too. I’m sure I was the most stunning stone in the whole outfit! (If you have a Bible and can find it, your can read all about it in Exodus 28).

That whole get-up must have weighed a ton! A little bunny like me would have been completely squished. The boy’s mother told me that when she wore vestments at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, she could hardly move, they were so heavy. I don’t think hers had rocks in them, but I guess gold can weigh a lot. Back then, everything was built for men.

The other place jasper is mentioned in the Bible is in the very last book, Revelation (just a reminder, people: no s at the end of Revelation). Jasper gets mentioned in all the radiance glimmering around the new Jerusalem. That must have been one spectacular vision for John who wrote Revelation!

No one really knows what the names of the three dudes who brought baby Jesus gifts when he was born, but tradition has it one of them was Jasper! Actually, he was Persian, so his name was probably Kasper. He was the one who brought the frankincense. Besides, Americans all know Casper as a friendly ghost and that makes it really confusing for kids who are trying to get all these people and stories figured out!

Next time you get the chance to give a human person or a fur person a name, I hope you’ll pick a special name. We are all stuck with our names for the rest of our lives (unless you change your name and that is a whole other interesting topic!). Plus, if you’re anything like the humans I live with, they make up all kinds of songs and ditties with your name. Sometimes I wonder about human grown-ups.

One final thought … Kamejiro is often represented as a turtle. I am an exotic bunny. I’m pretty sure that was not on purpose.

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