Nailing Jelly to a Tree

This is a picture of red jelly nailed to a tree.I’m having one of those days. Today’s mantra: client services is like nailing jelly to a tree.

Back in my olden career days, it was about creating teams and inspiring those teams to achieve a goal or complete a task. Great people enlisted or were recruited for the team.

My challenge today is eliciting information about a web app in order to improve their user experience. Five simple questions in an online survey; less than three minutes to complete. And I found out, quite by accident, that a few respondents will not use the technology required in the jobs. Probably a correlation as to why I haven’t received their online surveys either.

We’re not talking about people over 80! They are the millennial generation! Technology and anything digital are their friends. They don’t “talk” to one another they text. Smart educators apply gaming theory to learning to engage this generation.

I admit I didn’t see a resistance to technology coming with this client. The CEO of this organization is wisely leveraging technology in order to do more with less faster. We were following up an a set of web apps we implemented for them. That’s when we found out they weren’t using the cool technology they were so excited to be getting. And since they won’t use the technology, they can’t access the web app that’s integral for reporting in their jobs.

And I have no control. They aren’t my staff. All that is not my business. And yet, all that affects my business. The joys of client services.

We may be living in a world that’s changing faster than we can keep up, but one thing hasn’t changed since the beginning of time: you can’t make people do what they won’t do.

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