My Purpose in Life Is Not Rabbit Gloves by Jasper Bunny

Bunny WhispererTo be clear: my purpose in life is not to be a pair of rabbit gloves. Can you believe someone actually said that of me?!? That I’d make a nice pair of rabbit gloves?!? I know my special friend the Bunny Whisperer said that jokingly, but it might have hurt my feelings if I wasn’t such a scrappy little bunny.

I really miss the Bunny Whisperer. I gave him that name because he was so good with me. He used to say he was a real bad ass, but if he was, he was the most tender-hearted bad ass around. When he made the decision to put his really old, really sick, best dog-friend, Moose, to sleep (that’s a terrible euphemism for death), he called my Auntie to pray for them. He was really, really sad. It was a terrible, horrible, really bad day.

The Bunny Whisperer came to stay with his sister, my Mama, for a few months. My Mama’s nephew was also staying here at the time. My Auntie called it the crazy house, but I’m not allowed to tell you why it was the crazy house. She says it’s not nice to gossip. I tried to tell her that gossiping surely can’t be worse than calling people names. Some people don’t like to be called crazy because crazy is their normal and who are we to judge anyway. Sometimes you just can’t reason with adults!

Anyway, the Bunny Whisperer was helping to take care of me as I was recuperating from my near-death experience after my nibbly bits surgery. That’s when he told his sister that I would make a really nice pair of rabbit gloves. Actually, I’m so little I would only be good for one rabbit glove. He told me it would be like a Michael Jackson glove, just one. Then he and The Boy would start singing and dancing to Thriller. Sometimes humans can be so weird!

I was thinking about how much I miss the Bunny Whisperer this morning and the music my Auntie streams from this classical station in San Francisco suddenly stopped. Uncle Sam went to check on it and “someone” had turned off the router! The whole power strip switch, that is behind this really big piece of furniture, was flipped all by itself. I know it was the Bunny Whisperer and he was justing letting me know he’s thinking of me too! He likes to do funky things with certain lights and fans in Auntie’s house. Not only was the power strip switched off, but the bedroom light where the power strip is was on!

It definitely was the Bunny Whisperer.

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