My Little Pony Nightmare

Princess Celestia

My middle granddaughter, Maia, will be five years old soon. My son suggested a My Little Pony she’s interested in for a gift. I was glad for the recommendation. Of course, we celebrate each granddaughter’s birthday with gifts for all three of them and I already had some ideas for her two sisters.

Living in a rural area does present challenges when it comes to purchases. We do have a WalMart. I now suppress my social conscious and sometimes shop at our local WalMart. I justify it by the fact they do give back to our local community and that there are many families who can only afford to shop at WalMart. However, WalMart yielded no gifts or books this round.

Thankfully, I still had enough time to order online and get the gifts sent in time for Maia’s birthday. Fortified with coffee and streaming classical music, I sat down at my laptop to get this birthday shopping done. Two hours (!) later, my mission was complete.

Having raised sons, I was introduced to a whole different sphere of gender-based toys with our granddaughters. I didn’t even know about My Little Pony, but naively thought how hard will this be. OMG. There are as many My Little Ponies as there are little girl interests. My Little Pony has a castle, forever royal castle friends, flower friends, a remote control vehicle, a farm, train set, sparkles, fashions, ad infinitum! Then there are subsets of princesses (Princess Celestia has received very high ratings) and other My Little Ponies like Trixie Lulamoon and Pinkie Pie.

Once I selected the My Little Pony set for the birthday girl, I moved on to Playdoh for the youngest granddaughter. When I was growing up, we made our own faux-Playdoh out of flour, water, and food coloring. Playdoh is no longer four cans of four colors, so another round of decisions for Playdoh! At least I didn’t have to decide on Playdoh tools since we’ve given the girls all sorts of play-kitchen stuff like cookie cutters and rolling pins that can be used in their Playdoh creativity.

The easiest of all gift decisions were the books for each granddaughter. Our oldest granddaughter is an avid reader and I keep up on what she’s reading in school and for fun from the library. I’m glad she loves books. Her gifts were easy this time.

My biggest score, however, were the Advent calendars. I hated sharing an Advent calendar with my sister and brother so each granddaughter gets her own Advent calendar.  It’s not easy finding Advent calendars, and certainly finding ones that tell the real Christmas story. Not only did I find three different Advent calendars, they all have sparkles!

Now that I have Maia’s birthday all sorted out, I can start researching their Christmas gifts. This could be traumatic (smile).

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