More Lessons from Jasper Bunny

JasperBunny2I’ve been a very busy bunny lately. I forgot how much work it is to get well! The only good thing about it is I get out of the house every day. Going to the vet isn’t my most favorite past time, but sometimes you have to find little niceties in the unpleasant things in life.

This whole vet thing got me thinking about a few more things I have to say. My human Auntie told me it’s good to write things down and share. It helps you because it gets it out of your worry brain and it helps other fur creatures because they probably go through similar things. Besides, I’m a really wise bunny.

1. Embrace your exoticness. I found out just how exotic I was in a most unpleasant way. My people took me to a regular ‘ole vet to have my nibbly bits removed. (Is that considered TMI?) That’s when I found out that the fur monster who took a bite out of my ear also snacked on another tasty morsel because a nibbly bit was missing! (Now that probably is TMI.) The regular vet recommended we see a vet who specialized in exotics.¬†Good thing because I had so many problems after my nibbly bit surgery.

Being exotic is being really special. I sometimes remind my human family that us fur creatures are more special because we were created before the human creatures. Even fleas were created before the humans. Sometimes they just have to be reminded because they think they are most special. No, they’re special too, but not more special.

The only thing I don’t like about going to an exotic vet is that other exotics see her too. And I REALLY don’t like snakes! The other day a snake came in when my Auntie was getting me and my cousins. I was worried my Auntie was going to have a heart attack or stroke before we got out of there. She hates snakes as much as me. She can’t hate snakes more because they won’t eat her. I’m sure I’d be a sumptuous appetizer. Four snakes came in today. I was really glad to have my own fortified chariot.

2. Take things as they come. I sure do wish my human family would remember this. There is so much a little bunny cannot control. There are a lot of things my human family cannot control, but they are so silly and think they can. They really need to listen to me. I am always modeling taking things as they come. Like this parasite. I have a very sensitive tummy and sometimes it gets whacked out. I just have to be a good bunny, take my medicine, get my enemas (that does stretch me sometimes), and eat my critical care mush. If I take things as they come, before I know it I’ll be over it!

3. Maintain an [good] attitude. Personally I think having an attitude is just fine, but I do live with others and need them to help me, so I try to have a good attitude most of the time. It’s okay to let them them know when you’re displeased. Just use your words. Since I don’t have any words, I thump or rearrange my house. Sometimes its good to throw things. It’s never okay to throw things at other creatures. That’s not having a good attitude.

4. Treat others well. You never know when you’re going to need them. I really like Dr. Brick. When I was so sick after my nibbly bit surgery, I sometimes called her Dr. Pick because she had to pick at ickies on me. But I don’t think that’s very nice, so I try to be respectful and bring treats (Yes. Humans like treats too.) Good thing because when I get sick I have to see her a lot! Everyone at the clinic knows me. That’s because I’m a special exotic and have survived lots of ickiness, but only because Dr. Brick, Andie, Cassie, and Greg have taken such great care of me and Laura makes sure I get in because I’m special. I’m don’t know Dr. Sanchez as well, but she takes good care of me too.

5. Be hospitable. This is going to be a real stretch for me this coming week. My people are going to Oregon. They’re going fishing, but they’re also going to put the Bunny Whisperer’s ashes somewhere special. I was really sad when the Bunny Whisperer died. He was one of my special people.

Us fur creatures have to stay home. I have two kitty siblings – Maui and Spirit – and my two kitty cousins – Takuma and Midori – are coming to stay with us. I have stayed with my two kitty cousins before so I know them. I know they like my bunny house! I would growl at them, but they didn’t seem to pay any attention. Oh well, chasing them is very effective if I want to be left alone. See, that’s why you have at be the alpha bunny!

The lady coming to stay with all of us is bringing Diego the Dog. Maui, Spirit, and I know Diego really well. We’ll see how Takuma and Midori like Diego. They are so laid back, I’m sure it will be fine. I have already been informed that since I’m the alpha bunny, I have to set an example and be hospitable. So much responsibility sometimes.

I’m so glad I wrote this for you. I feel better already!

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