Midori and Takuma


I’m having one of those days. I’ve spent the bulk of the day trying to pull together suitable images for a video introducing Cloudtippers’ latest app. It is not going well, even with all my new research search tricks, creative commons licensing, and our screenshots. I’m about ready to commission my 7-year old granddaughter!

Time to take a break … a kitty break.

We adopted two kittens from a friend of mine. They’re 3-months old and quite adorable. In our tradition, they have Japanese names: Takuma and Midori. Takuma is named after the Indy race car driver and Midori is named after the violinist.

We’ve only had them a few days, but their little personalities are starting to emerge. They  seem to be adjusting to being uprooted and taken from everything familiar fairly well. In other words, all biological systems are working and they have healthy appetites. They are just now starting to venture out of the bathroom that’s served as their home base. They love being held and having their little bellies rubbed.

Wouldn’t it be nice if life was that simple? Eat, sleep, and have a tummy rub. You’re not worrying about getting mowed down in a movie theater. You don’t have to do a forensic audit of a company’s business practices before doing business with them. Your children are safe from sexual predators. Places of higher education abided by high standards. HIV/AIDS was eradicated. Obscene amounts of money weren’t going into political campaigns, but into programs serving those falling through society’s cracks.

Tummy rub time is over and it’s time to get back to w-o-r-k. Next time I think I’ll add in praying during tummy rub time. God, I’m sure, is well aware of the situation on this planet and is always open to people stepping up to be hands and feet, hearts and voices. At least I’ll feel better in the meantime.


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  1. So happy to see you have adopted some kitties.  Its to the same without them around I have learned.  And this is new for you to have kittens 🙂  Beautiful kitties, love the names and as always loved your writing.  I do hope the creative juices kicked in………

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