Mid-Year Highlights

My Fenway perpetual calendarThe summer solstice has passed. We are officially in summer, verified by today’s temperature of 108! The calendar year has passed it’s halfway mark. Sam and I have been back in California six months. I just entered the the 865th name from gun deaths for June alone. My family will be be making a pilgrimage to Paulina Lake in Oregon to scatter my brother’s ashes in two weeks.

It’s been an intense six months. I thought I’d share some interesting highlights from my blog that might give some insight into these last six months.

Most Viewed Post: As with most things in life, we find ourselves serendipitously drawn to certain things because of experiences or circumstances we encounter in the normal course of living. That’s what happened for me with gun deaths. As we were leaving  the church where I officiated my brother’s memorial service, the horrific mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was happening. Two events on two coasts bookended by gun violence.

I started Gun Deaths Since Newtown at the end of April as a way to honor the thousands of children, women, and men who died from gun violence. Congress had shamelessly failed to pass responsible, common sense legislation proven to reduce gun violence. This post alone had nearly 500 unique views! I update the list every day and there are over 5,000 gun deaths since January 1, 2013!

Most Dramatic Post: Grief exposes the cracks or chasms in families. I’ve explored some of those tensions in a couple of posts, but Made for TV Family Drama has exceeded all the other grief posts put together. It seems that many people have similar family issues.

Most Difficult Post: My brother’s death shocked all of us. Suicide always does. I shared my homily from my brother’s service in When Your Brother DiesWords are always inadequate, but it’s all we have when we gather to celebrate a life. Several hundred people were at his service, but I think this post was shared with many who were not able to attend or who found out about his death later.

Most Surprising Post: Sometimes I write posts knowing the topic is not something many people will read. I still write it because someone needs to say these things and I might be the only person in someone’s circle who will say something. Asking Saves Kids was one of those topics. I was truly shocked when the number of views kept increasing! Apparently it hit a nerve.

Testing Trends: I have been working on a really exciting project that we hope to launch around September 1. It’s been a HUGE undertaking. We’re calling it Daily Word and you’ll see some sneak peeks in due time. In the meantime, I thank my testing team because they’re testing is a trend for Eternal Scheme!

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