Lucky Rabbit’s Foot by Jasper Bunny

JasperI’m pretty sure my unscheduled trip to the vet was because everyone was talking about their lucky rabbit’s foot! Talking about such a barbaric subject in front of a sensitive little bunny was not very thoughtful. Humans are always saying things about other humans when those other humans can hear what they’re saying. That is not very kind.

The family was talking about the lucky rabbit’s feet they had as kids. Some were blue. One was white and the other was purple. One had a natural looking rabbit’s foot. Eeewww! My Auntie was telling everyone she kept her bicycle lock key and skate key on her lucky rabbit’s foot until she found the rabbit’s toenail hidden in the blue fur! That gave me the willies just imagining it!

I must have been so distraught, I broke two of my own toenails off and bled all over everything! Of course this happened when my human Mama was at work saving lives. The thing about having a Mama who is a nurse is she is going to probe and poke you all over looking for the problem. With all of my medical trials and tribulations, I’m surprised she doesn’t have an I/O spreadsheet on me (that’s input and output and it’s not the same as 1s and 0s). I was really worried she was going to think it was something to do with my nibbly bits. Really. Nothing is sacred in a medical household. My poor Uncle Sam isn’t used to all of this anatomy sharing.

My Auntie had to come and get me and take me to see my vet friends! I’m a celebrity in their office. My Mama bagged up everything I bled all over – my pellet dish, my pad, the hay – and had a whole page of observations for Dr. Brick! Ay yi yi! I didn’t even get to say anything to Auntie because she was going on and on about a wild turkey that dropped out of the sky.

I was SO glad Dr. Brick figured out why I was bleeding and could explain it all to my family. I have a yummy antibiotic. I even got an alfalfa block as a treat when I got home!

My human grandfather was telling everyone about the bunnies that are in their yard. He’s a little upset with them because they are eating his grass and plants. It’s a good thing he was a rocket scientist rather than an entrepreneur because an entrepreneur would capture all those bunnies and make them into lucky rabbit’s feet! What the entrepreneur may not know is that not just any ‘ole rabbit foot is lucky. Lucky rabbit’s feet only come from graveyard bunnies. They say the luckiest rabbit’s feet are the left hind foot of a graveyard bunny killed in the dark of the moon! Now that is a frightful Halloween story perfect to scare all little bunnies and children!



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  1. As Jasper’s mama I would like to say, being a nurse for people has it’s ups and downs when also a fur parent. Being a first time fur parent I went right into assessment mode when I saw a spray of blood on Jasper’s food bowl when I came home from a LONG day at work. The funny thing is, I noticed a toenail sort of askew and Jasper seemed to indicate tenderness, but when I checked it again it didn’t seem to bother him. A broken toenail was not even on my “rule out” list. So lucky to have my sister close to help me out. I am fortunate that she is a good Auntie and loves my Jasper bunny too.

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