Let Me Choose

This is pledge week for the classical radio station out of San Francisco that we stream every day all day. A year ago the station owners decided to switch to rock music. There wasn’t enough profit in a classical music station. I love rock music, but I can’t work to music with lyrics. I get too distracted. KDFC became a public non-profit station and they are thriving. They have discovered that there’s a thriving classical music community in the Bay Area AND an international classical music community willing to support them!

One guy was more than happy to support them since it meant he would not be subjected to all of the political commercials during this election year! Amen to that!

This first pledge drive has got me thinking about a few things:

We are constantly pressured to conform. We need technology in the 21st century. But I do not need to be told that I must conform to making my data public (take a hint Google and Facebook). People want the ability to choose what to make public and what to leave private. That choice should never be taken away nor some other entity given that power. Have we not learned from history?

We want a voice. The Arab Spring, the Occupy Movement, the anti-SOPA/PIPA campaign, a classical music community are all recent examples where people have shown through their actions and words that they want change and they want to be heard. We don’t have to agree with their premise or even how they may go about getting their point across. But we need to pay attention. They have something valid to say and very often things do need to change. Otherwise it’s insanity: doing what’s always been done and expecting different results.

What are you thinking about these days?

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