You Know Vacation is Over When … by Jasper Bunny

Jasper HomeWell, vacation is over and we’re all back at our own house. My human family tells me re-entry to regular life is hard for them, but they don’t have any idea how hard it is for a little bunny like me! It’s like being a kid. You don’t have much say in anything. And I have a lot to say about most things!

You know vacation is over when …

You’re sleeping in your own bed. Don’t get me wrong, I like my bed and I actually have my own bunny condo. But part of the magic of being on vacation is being somewhere else.

You have to re-train your human. My human Mama was on vacation too, so she also has to get back in the swing of things with me.

You are back in a schedule, or as much of a schedule as a nurse with a schedule that changes every few days can be. When I was on vacation at my Auntie’s I got to kinda set my own schedule. My Auntie had her own little routine with me, but I pretty much got to do as I pleased. It’s not like that at home!

You have to unpack and put everything away. I’m still unpacking and putting my stuff away! I’m pretty little, so it takes me a little while to move everything back where I like it and reclaim all my space. My sibling kitties will try and take some of my space, if I don’t stay on top of them! They get to roam the house house; both stories! And I’m restricted to one area! Sheesh! 

You start planning for your next vacation. I learned this from my Mama. She works so she can play and she’s really good about taking vacation. I’m pretty sure she’s already planning her next vacation! Yippee! That means I will get to go on a vacation too AND I might get to go by my self! She has a friend who likes to house sit, but she’s afraid of me! She doesn’t mind my kitty sibs, but I’m a little too Alpha Bunny for her. That means I’ll get to go to my Aunt and Uncle’s all by myself. Now that would be an awesome vacation!

Phew, I’m so glad I have another vacation to look forward too! My life would be SO boring and bleak if I didn’t have something fun and different to look forward to. Humans, especially, need to always have something to look forward to. Maybe they wouldn’t be so cranky.



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