It’s Here

ImageMy birthday alerts have been reminding me and now it’s here. My brother’s birthday. He would have been 53 years old.

It had only been a few weeks since his death when Christmas hit. We were still dazed and raw. Mother’s Day is next week and I know that will be hard for my mother. Both my sons have been asking me if we have plans for Vic’s birthday. My sister, parents, and I have also been talking about it. But, in all of our conversations, we haven’t settled on anything in particular. How do you get used to the finality of death?

I’m sure each of us will go through our own little ritual or remembrance. My youngest son has grown a moustache in honor of his Uncle. My parents aren’t able to join us, but my sister and older son will be joining Sam and I for a birthday dinner. We’re having Vic’s favorite BBQ meal: steak and corn on the cob. It’s a toss up between Lemon Meringue Pie or Boston Cream Pie. I’ve made a Boston Cream Pie (Sorry Vic, but it’s gluten-free). We will definitely have a toast.

I was never local enough to celebrate birthdays with my family, but it was the one time a year we all heard from each other. Birthday phone calls were sacred and never missed. Maybe our new family tradition will be to call each other on Vic’s birthday.

I’m incredibly sad and wish he were here for his special day. As I said to him every year: You are a unique, unrepeatable miracle of God. And he’d always reply, More like a pain in God’s ass. We’d laugh, trade barbs for awhile, before he signed off with Who loves you, honey?

Happy Birthday, Leetle Bro.

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  1. Me too, Pookie Bear. Uncle Gary just called. It’s taken him all day because every time he pulled out his phone he started crying. Grandma and Grandpa drove up just for dinner. Thanks for your post too!!

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