My Housework Epiphany

Iron - door stopMy epiphany of about housework was my last hurrah of this year’s season of Epiphany. Yes, even housework has a spiritual component.

For some reason, Sunday’s have become the housework day. I think it’s more by default than purpose. We have the usual housework: laundry, bathrooms, dusting, and vacuuming. Certain housework is weekly and the rest is as necessary, which, much to Saint Sam’s displeasure is too necessary. Those tasks I need his help. I really can’t complain because we have a fairly equitable division of labor.

Housework is relaxing. I discovered this while ironing. The thing about housework is that it isn’t mentally demanding. It’s also not too physically demanding. That allows plenty of time to daydream, plan, and zen-out. It’s the perfect relaxing activity for an over-the-top Type A person like myself.

I can’t remember when I shifted my thinking about cooking and cleaning, but it was sometime in the last six years. I’m sure I had an epiphany about it because that’s what it takes for a major shift to occur. I have been evolving ever since, finally being at a place where Sunday housework doesn’t elicit an imposing sense of dread.

Housework is also a time of great productivity. I’m sure studies have been done on this subject, but I think we’re actually more productive when we’re relaxed. I reserve housework as the place where I do long-term planning, problem-solving, and ideas for remodeling. My work week is more productive and creative. My time management is increased. My live-work environment is pleasant. I am not thinking about or worrying what has and hasn’t been done. Nothing feels better to a Type A+ person than checking items off that To-Do list and not being stressed out!

I wonder if I’ll ever develop a hobby?

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