Happy Birthday, Sam!


I was having lunch with the two of the male executives of a non-profit whose board I served. We were doing the usual get-to-know-you-chit-chat. One of them was at UCLA the same time as me. We covered our separate stories from the early years of AIDS and was moving on to how we met our partners. They were commenting on meeting my husband at one our of events, when one of them said, “Oh, I didn’t realize you had such a boy toy!”

Poor Sam. Affectionately being referred to as my boy toy has stuck! And today is his birthday! He’s an Ides of March baby, not that betrayal and murder can be a good omen for anyone. Now he claims to be of the age that he welcomes the distraction of his eldest granddaughter’s birthday a week after his.

Whenever he pulls that age thing, I have to remind him that he must be careful about how he phrases some of those statements. After all, we currently aren’t even in the same decade with our ages! Technically, we’re not even in the same generation. He didn’t use slide rules or typewriters in college. By the time he went to MIT, he was already writing software programs for computers!

We started dating right after my ankle replacement. I had cast on one leg, a boot on the other, a wheelchair and walker. He arrived to pick me up for church and was ambushed by my two grown sons! Even after the interrogation he received, the boys didn’t scare him off and neither did the rest of my family. In fact, my sons are so grateful he has taken me off their hands, that they assured him he will never be put in away in Shady Pines. I, on the other hand, don’t have that guarantee.

Saint Sam. That’s what my family calls him. Actually, my brother probably has some other terms, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t repeatable in my blog (smile). And he is a saint. His heart is pure gold and he never has anything bad to say. He is pretty quiet, but when he does have something to say, it’s always affirming and often funny.

I was going to wish a happy birthday to Saint Sam the Boy Toy, but something about that doesn’t sound quite right. We’ll just leave it at: happy birthday, with love, to my awesome husband!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Sam – My favorite brother-in-law!  Yes he is quiet at times and very funny.  He has done a great job being thrown into the immediate role of Grandpa Sam and adored by me and the others in the family-especially his three beautiful granddaughters 🙂  And the part about Saint Sam – well that is true too 🙂  What a nice tribute to your awesome husband, best friend and business partner – here’s to YOUR new year.  Love you Sam  By the way Sis, Great pic of the man!!

  2. Yes, we Love Sam even if he is younger.  He has taken on a lot joining this family and has done admirably well.   He truly is a Saint and a great addition to our Family! Happy Birthday Brother in Law!

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