Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Immense and intimate. Solid and sacred. Those are the words that came to me while at Grand Canyon. There’s something profoundly humbling and awe-inspiring about being there. And to think that this wonder of creation has been billions of years in the making!

We have been in rain ever since we left Texas! Texas is in the worst drought since forever and the earth is parched. Add to that the worst wildfires in the state’s history with thousands of homes destroyed. Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona all have greenness! Last night’s rain at Grand Canyon and the threat of thunderstorms while we were there added to the freshness of pine and vividness of canyon wall color.

There is a quietness, like entering a cathedral, that even the traffic and hordes of people can’t drown out. It was amazing how conversations became hushed the closer people drew to the canyon edge. The vastness and splendor and color and depth leave you without words. You can only be.

We visited the Tusayan ruins which were along the south rim drive. The Tusayan’s were a small community of about 30 that lived in this location around 1100! A four-room dwelling was excavated, along with a storage area and Kiva. Kiva is a large circular structure that was used for gathering and ceremonies. Usually Kivas are underground, but the dense rock made it impossible to dig very deep. I started this blog while sitting outside the Kiva, trying to imagine the people and pueblo. Hints of their life are all that’s left, but at least we now know they existed!

The park’s archeologists are conscientiously working to uncover the remnants of the peoples who have lived in Grand Canyon over the millennia. It’s amazing to contemplate their existence and their contribution to the circle of humanity.

Speaking of humanity: I lost count of the different languages we heard while at Grand Canyon. One woman was in the most beautiful sari I have ever seen! To think that people come from all around the globe to view this treasure we have here in the U.S. Five million visitors a year! That’s over 13,000 visitors every day of the year!

Grand Canyon gives one a unique perspective of time. It’s amazing to witness something that’s been billions of years in the creation process and it is still evolving. It’s a sacred gift we get to enjoy.

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  1. AWESOME photo!!! “It’s amazing to witness something that’s been billions of years in the creation process and it is still evolving.”  Love this line!!  Well said sis

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