God Is Entertained


The last of our family left and it’s very quiet in our house. Family Christmas always gets celebrated during Advent and I always learn something new about God being really with us.

Our youngest granddaughter, who is six, was the only one really interested in playing with all of the nativity figures this year. She gradually moved most of them to a little, secret hideout behind the Christmas tree. For some reason, the kneeling wise man had to camp out on the fireplace hearth. Every night, before she went to bed, she’d lay him down. Sometimes he had a “pillow”. Most of the time he just roughed it on the brick.

She wasn’t too interested in the stars from the set either. She told me the lights on the Christmas tree were much better stars because there were so many of them. An angel ornament made its way around to the back of the tree. She had collected all of my Willow Tree angels already and positioned them around her play area. Occasionally one would “sit” up in the tree branches because “there were lots of angels hanging out in the sky.” She kept herself entertained for hours!

I think we keep God entertained for hours too. No doubt, we keep God busy because humanity is a mess. But we don’t really think of God being entertained by us. I can totally pictures God listening in on our conversations, the ones we have with ourselves and the one’s we have with others. Would God be amused or saddened? I can see God following us through our days. Would we invite God to join us or pretend God was invisible if we knew God was on the perimeter? Do we see lots of stars when we look at the heavens, or do we even look up? Are we aware there are lots of angels in the wings for us, or do we think we must go it alone?

Christmas is just a few days away. Christmas. Emmanuel. God coming to be with us. God coming to be with us just as we are, where we are, right now. God delights in being entertained by us … for hours and hours.

rustic nativity scene with stuffed toy

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