Getting Ready to Upgrade

upgrade 2I’m getting ready to upgrade. After seven years with my current 13-inch white MacBook, I am facing reality. It’s time to get a new MacBook. I’m both excited and sad.

It seems odd to be sad over a laptop. I’ve had two 13-inch white MacBooks and each served me dependably well. I used them even when they could no longer be upgraded. I found I could still get a great deal of productivity out of them even though I was two operating system upgrades behind. Why get something new when what I had still worked so well?

At some point, however, I wanted or needed to use software or web apps that required newer hardware. I needed to get a new laptop or accept that I was going to remain limited by my old technology. I probably could continue limping along for awhile, but eventually I wasn’t going to be able to do what I wanted to do with what I had. I would need to upgrade.

It’s the same with our spiritual lives and Lent is the season we think and re-think a spiritual upgrade. As we move closer to Easter, we look back on the familiar stories of Jesus with an eye to what’s also coming. We know the outcome is the resurrection and transformation. It’s a whole operating system upgrade and we are preparing for it.

An upgrade is not without its challenges.┬áCarol says it perfectly, “When I think upgrades I think computers. Sometimes when I upgrade my computer there are good new things, but often some incompatibility issues that cause problems. Sometimes old software no longer works and peripherals become unusable. I think this happens with personal upgrading too. Sometimes old patterns and habits are incompatible and friends or hobbies might no longer fit with the new upgrade.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about what Carol says and think it will be our focus this week of Lent leading up to Palm Sunday. It’s perfect timing too since my new MacBook Air is due to arrive at the beginning of that week! I will experience a technology upgrade as we explore a personal upgrade. Fun times ahead!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Most of us know exactly what Carol is talking about when it comes to upgrading our computers. But what about when you’ve done a personal upgrade? What has been that experience for you?

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