Fruitcake Season

Every year while I was growing up, we’d receive a fruitcake for Christmas. It always came by mail and I think it was sent by my Dad’s parents. Of course, we three kids thought it was nasty and would never eat any. It must have been soaked in alcohol because it never molded. My Dad was the only one who ever ate it and he’d finish the previous year’s fruitcake about the time the current Christmas fruitcake arrived.

I wonder. Does every family have fruitcake stories? I should have consulted my brother, the family rememberer of all things, or my eldest son, the family epic storyteller, because we have lots of hysterical fruitcake stories, not to mention fruitcake rituals.

The last church I served won the award for number of fruitcakes distributed. We had a large older population who were quite generous during the holiday season. I usually received several fruitcakes which always created a conundrum for me. One year I decided to share my fruitcake gifts with our resident homeless population. I tucked fruitcake tins in with the socks and scarves we had for them. They were too polite to say anything, but I’m pretty sure the fruitcake wasn’t consumed. I don’t know where the fruitcake ended up, but it never made it’s way to our outreach center like the dumpster treats they’d bring to share.

Do you eat fruitcake? The only people I know who really eat fruitcake are British or German. I recently learned that a very famous fruitcake bakery is here in Texas! Of course, Texas had a large German population who emigrated here in the 19th century, bringing traditions with them.

Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, Texas sells and ships fruitcake to every nation except Iran and Cuba. The company cancelled the Ayatollah Khomeini’s order following the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979. The bakery continues to supply several celebrity clients with the yearly fruitcake orders. I, for one, have definitely underestimated the fruitcake demand!

December is national fruitcake month. It’s also eggnog (another yuck!) month. With all of the wonderful treats baked and all of the festive beverages consumed for holiday parties, how does fruitcake and eggnog still reign?

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