Family Christmas 2016


I’m writing this as the last (and youngest) granddaughter makes her way to bed after our annual Peterson-Fouquet-Hokama Family Christmas. It’s only 11:00 PM, but Grandpa Sam and I are dead tired. Isn’t that the way all family Christmases go?

family christmas 2016

We are really blessed to have four generations gather. My octogenarian parents, my sister, my youngest son and daughter-in-law, and our three granddaughters all made the annual pilgrimage to our place. Even though we were recently all together here for Thanksgiving, enough life has happened that we don’t take anything for granted. We endeavor to honor the traditions we have created, and forged, and changed from generation to generation.

In a sense, each Family Christmas is an awakening to new possibilities. There’s something sacred in sharing meals, exchanging gifts, telling stories, listening, playing, and being together. We are transformed from our experience together. We are enriched and have something new to bring to the lives we go back to after being together. And we are reminded. God is with us. Emmanuel.


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