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I’ve been wondering. Would Jesus use Facebook or Twitter? Would he have a website? Blog? He’d definitely have an iPad.

Jerusalem’s most popular dinner guest, he was a celeb much in demand. Not bad when you consider his reputation covered a vast area which was mostly traversed on foot and relied completely on word-of-mouth. He did draw crowds when he spoke and anything out of the ordinary, which was just about everything (talking to women, healing people, creating an atmosphere of sharing), helped keep the gossip mills going. And, of course, there were the usual groups that didn’t like at all what he had to say and made sure their spin on his message was broadcast by first century FOX News.

Actually, I think his friend Matthew would have been the webmaster. Having been a tax collector in his former life, I think he would have made sure there was a Donate Now button on the website. Maybe his pals Thaddeus and Bartholomew helped keep the website content up-to-date. With their hectic travel schedule and the uncertainty of accommodations from place to place, they would most certainly have been iPhone users. I bet Phillip was the resident geek and would have developed their mobile apps.

Peter was too impulsive. I don’t think he would have been allowed to Twitter because James, John, and Andrew would have been most frustrated tweeting apologies. Since Andrew recruited his brother Peter and friends James and John, he definitely would have been into Twitter and Facebook. He’d have a Disqus account so he could reply to comments without having to separately login to all of his accounts. Definitely the social media wiz.

And then there’s Judas. He would have been the Blackberry user. He would have been the heavy text-er. I don’t think he’d trust Facebook, too many privacy concerns since he did have a political past.

So where does that leave Jesus? If I had been organized for this post, I’d have a poll for you to weigh in. You can always leave your vote in the Comments section or email me

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  1. I think Jesus would not be a techy at all…………He would be the hold out declining to get involved with any such social interaction tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Texting, Websites…………he just “knew” that what was supposed to happen would and whomever could make dinner would, the people that showed up to listen to him talk were those people where the time was right to hear the message. And if there was a traitor in the group – well that was what was supposed to happen to. Every thing happens for a reason. He believed in a higher power and just Let go and Let God 🙂

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