Eternal Scheme’s Greatest Hits


Has this year passed quickly or what?!? I started the Eternal Scheme blog last year during Advent. I figured the four weeks before Christmas would give me something to write about … as if that was ever a problem (smile!). Here we are one hundred sixty-two blog posts later.

I didn’t quite know what to expect when I started this blog. It has exceeded my wildest imagination and you, dear readers, have been such a blessing to me! I look forward to your comments and am honored you trust me with your personal thoughts in private emails and conversations on Facebook. I have made some wonderful, heart-warming connections with people clear around the world! There’s more that connects us than divides us and little pieces of life can be terrible funny.

So, in honor of Eternal Scheme’s one-year anniversary, I thought I’d share with you Eternal Scheme’s greatest hits. These are the top ten blog posts based on Google analytics. I’ll reveal five today and five more on Thursday. Let’s take a stroll down this year’s Eternal Scheme memory lane.

#10: You Know You’re Not a Texan When… This was the beginning of my Texas series. I discovered that Texas celebrates Confederate Heroes (yes, as in Civil War) instead of Martin Luther King, Jr (as in Civil Rights). You Know You’re Still Not a Texan When… was inspired by seeing a grown man wearing spurs into the hair salon and featured an unbelievable song and dance to the old country song I’ve Got Spurs. If you need a good laugh, you must watch that video! There are other Texas gems, like pole dancing for Jesus in Only in Texas? To find others in the Texas series, type in Texas in the search box and explore.

#9: The State of You. This post was inspired by the President’s State of the Union address and kids always asking why and how questions. I know. Sounds random, but the connection was how I step back, assess, plan, and evaluate change and progress for myself by asking myself why and how. Try it!

#8: In the Name of Love, Part 1. There are defining historical moments in each of our lives. The assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. when I was in sixth grade was one for me. I think this post is a favorite for bots.

#7: Got Everything You Need? We’re all on some sort of spiritual quest. Nicodemus in Jesus’ day was too, even though he was part of the religious elite. Something was missing. I share a bit about my own spiritual journey.

#6: Terms of Endearment. I wrote this post on Valentine’s Day and it was inspired by composer Joseph Haydn’s pet name for his wife, that infernal beast! That got me to thinking about other terms of endearment.

Are these in your top ten? I know the top five are still to be revealed, but I’d love to know what your top ten are, or maybe your favorites. Let’s see how Google analytics stacks up to real readers!

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