Eternal Scheme’s Greatest Hits, Part 2


It’s been a year since I started the Eternal Scheme blog. In honor of Eternal Scheme’s one-year anniversary, I thought I’d share with you Eternal Scheme’s greatest hits. These are the top ten blog posts based on Google analytics. I revealed five in Eternal Scheme’s Greatest Hits. Today I’ll reveal the top five based on Google Analytics. Of course, I’m more interested in your favorites!

#5: All That Is Bitter and Sweet. I am an avid reader and love when people share books they’ve enjoyed with me. I found Ashley Judd’s book All That Is Bitter and Sweet serendipitously at our local library. Her work with HIV/AIDS and personal recovery work is a powerful, courageous story. I know many of you have also enjoyed reading her memoir.

#4: Capital City AIDS Walk. June 2011 marked the 30 year anniversary of HIV/AIDS. Throughout the summer, I shared some of my experiences of working with HIV/AIDS during the early years. Four generations of my family and several Eternal Scheme readers joined us in the Capital City AIDS Walk in Sacramento, California September 18, 2011. We walked in honor of those family and friends who are living with HIV/AIDS and those who have died. We had tremendous interest and support.

#3: In Honor of Moose. Recently, my brother had to make the difficult decision to alleviate his dog Moose’s suffering. This post was written in honor of Moose and for my brother. It’s popularity indicates how important our animal friends are to us.

#2: Did I Really See That? We live in rural Texas. Once a month we venture into Austin to grocery shop and get whatever else we can’t get locally or online. On one trip, we were totally entertained by billboards, a cemetery in front of a church, and a full suit of armor, aka yard bling! If I hadn’t see it, I wouldn’t have believed it!

#1: I Do. A couple whose wedding I officiated nineteen years ago inspired this post. This is the most viewed, highest traffic blog post of all one hundred sixty-three posts written. What’s more important is what are your favorites? Would have picked this one?

A new blogging year is unfolding. I’m looking forward to seeing what emerges in these posts. Your guess is as good as mine! When I was still preaching, a few brave souls would submit sermon requests. They were afraid of offending me and I was thrilled they were engaged! I hope you will pass along your blog post requests. I’d love to widen our conversation!


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