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Daily Word Abide

Start each day with a spiritual focus.

I love the idea of a randomly given word and beautiful picture to be my thought or spiritual guide for the day.

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Daily Word Companion eBook

Enjoy all of the Daily Words in one convenient book. Each word features a picture, inspirational quotes, scripture, a prayer, and action selected for deeper thought and practical application for our 21st century lives. It’s just enough to get you focused and engaged on a deeper level.

Daily Word ebook

Get your randomly generated Daily Word from inside the ebook. Then look up your Daily Word in your ebook. The ebook displays beautifully on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Daily Word is with you wherever and whenever. And it’s only $5!

Get Your Daily Word eBook

Eternal Scheme Community

The Eternal Scheme Community is exciting and free!

When Members get their randomly generated Daily Word they also get the Member-Only information that goes with that word – quotes, scripture, prayer, and action. You will still want the companion ebook because once you “leave” the site you won’t be able to see the word originally generated for you.


Invite others to join. It’s a great way to share your Daily Word with your friends.

Create your own public or private groups for sharing experiences and insights. It’s a great way to go deeper together.

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