Eleventh Day of Christmas and the Festivities Are Wrapping Up


The Christmas festivities for most have probably been wrapped for while. We are the only ones left on our street with Christmas lights still up. And we still have them come one each evening. Our Christmas tree is still up and we still turn it on every morning. Our kitties, Takuma and Midori are still enjoying the tree. Amazingly, they have not taken any ornaments off or pulled the branches out. The tree skirt does get straightened everyday and one of the Magi has been dragged underneath the tree. Midori has a special fondness for him. She also likes the camel. She pulls him by his leash (I don’t think that’s quite the word) and he’s usually with the one Magi. The camel and one Magi have had several Midori adventures on their way to the nativity.

The festivities may be coming to a close, but the faith journey is just beginning. We have one more day of Christmas which is dedicated to the Magi. Then it’s Epiphany on the January 6. After that, we’ll see where the journey leads.

Magi tissot

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