Eighth Day of Christmas and a New Year!


Happy New Year! Every year I let the Eternal Scheme algorithm select for me a word for the year. Last year my word was Healing.

I’ve always had a goal-oriented word for the year that I picked based on whatever I wanted to focus on that year. My sister used angel cards. She would draw a card on New Year’s Day and put it in her sacred corner. When we moved back to California, she and I each drew a card when we got together for New Year’s dinner. Saint Sam participated, but he could never remember his word! After I wrote the Eternal Scheme Daily Word, we started using it, letting the algorithm do its magic.

Once I have my word, I put it in places where I will see it on a regular basis. I write it in my journal. I put it in my ToDo app on my iPhone. I book mark it in my Eternal Scheme Daily Word ebook and add the link to my bookmarks bar in my browser on the MacBook Air. I try to read it every week, to keep it in my consciousness as I move through the year.

Saint Sam and have our words for 2017. Sam has Comfort and I have Creativity. My son, Luke, has Inspiration, granddaughter Maia has Bless, and granddaughter Aliya has Expectancy. Not sure how much a 6 year-old can relate to that, but she’s an old soul and has wisdom beyond her years! Granddaughter Keana had her appendix out and came home from the hospital today, so she’s already asleep. Daughter-in-law Sarah has yet to get her word. I’ll be checking in with my sister and parents later today to see what their words will be their’s for the year.

If you want to have a word for the year, just go to the Eternal Scheme website. You can’t miss the Get Your Daily Word button. Click and a word will come up with a beautiful picture (mostly photos taken by my sister) and some food for thought. Be sure to write your word down so you can reflect on it throughout the year. Let it be inspiration for a new path, new focus, wonderful adventure, or much needed grounding. The Daily Word was designed to be just that, a word for each day as a simple spiritual practice. It’s amazing how taking a few, spiritual moments each day can set the direction for your day.

I am excited about my word. I have been sensing creative urges bubbling within. My culinary creativity has definitely been surfacing. I made a Chocolate-Espresso Dacquoise for our anniversary dessert. I am looking forward to exploring my creative side as well as seeing what new vistas open up creatively.

What about you? What are you looking forward to this New Year?

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