Easter Monday by Jasper Bunny

JasperBunny_FotorPhew! I survived Easter and made it to Easter Monday. Easter is so stressful for us bunnies. Easter bunny this. Easter bunny that. You’d think Easter was our holiday, but we all know bunnies don’t really get their own holiday.

Thankfully, there were no chocolate bunnies at my Mama’s or Auntie’s house, although my Auntie did send dark chocolate See’s Easter bunnies to her granddaughters and their parents. She did it in secret because she knew how upsetting it would be for me. The thought of someone biting off bunny ears or cute little bunny tails is enough to give me the wiggle-willies.

The real reason Easter is so stressful for us bunnies and chicks is because people think bunnies and chicks make cute little Easter gifts to children. There is no denying we are adorable … and high maintenance. Adults don’t like high maintenance. Children really don’t like high maintenance. That’s why so many of us get abandoned. Some bunnies get taken to a rescue center, but others, like me, get dropped off in the wilds. I still get nightmares about being in the wilds with all those coyotes and foxes and other beasts lurking around for a tasty morsel.

Did you know that Easter Day lasts eight days? I about freaked out when I learned that. The build up to Easter is stressful enough, and to add fifty more days on to it?!? Why don’t they just call it Easter Octave? Maybe the Roman Catholics do. I’m a Protestant bunny, myself. The fifty days of Easter is called Eastertide (not very original). The next big Christian holiday is Pentecost. Now that is a wild time!

My Mama was asking by Auntie about Jesus and did he hang around or go away again. I’m glad she didn’t ask me because I certainly don’t know! I can tell you this: God knew what God was doing with this whole resurrection-life-changing thing. I was reading about the man whose daughter won a bunny at his company’s Easter party. The next year he took the bunny with them to the party. He had a sign that said, “Free bunny to good home or recipe.” That man needs Jesus!


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