December 7 ~ Discovering Advent by Jasper Bunny

Jasper and CordsDiscovery is like an epiphany. (I now know it’s Advent and Epiphany comes in January.) I have been a very busy bunny discovering all sorts of things! I discovered new places in my bunny territory. I discovered that I’m creative. And I discovered Advent.

You can probably tell by the picture the new place and creativity I discovered. Everyone had gone to bed. My kitty siblings get to sleep upstairs in a cozy bed with flannel sheets with our human Mama. I, on the other hand, have to stay in the same old downstairs. Most of the time I don’t mind too much because they all sleep and nighttime is my most creative time. It’s actually kinda nice not having all those other beasts around.

I was starting to get complacent. That is never a good sign for anyone, bunny or human, so I decided to explore the outer edges of my confinement. I’d been practicing moving things around and testing my strength with my house and litter box. I was able to move my fence and discovered a whole corner of the room I hadn’t explored!

Oh my! A bunny’s delight! Cords!! Lots of cords! Not only were there lots of cords, there was a virgin territory of carpet I hadn’t explored. I was is bunny paradise! I got busy because my Mama gets up at 4:30 to go save lives as a nurse at the hospital and I had an idea she would make me leave my new playground. (How do we know these things?!?)

Luckily for all of us, it’s Advent. We are not a formal, religious household and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one in this house who didn’t know about Advent. My Mama says she leaves all that up to her sister.

 Advent Scripture

Then, oh then, a tiny shoot cultivated and nurtured by the Eternal will emerge new and green, promising beauty and glory. And it will be a resting place, protected from the heat of the day, a place of shelter and retreat amid storms and rain. ~ Isaiah 4:2, 6

Anyway, I’m discovering that Advent gives us hope and allows us to begin again in a new way. I also discovered there is a God (Yes. I did not get made into a rabbit glove for my misdeeds.) and God fulfills God’s promise of constant presence, provision, and protection. I experienced God’s protection first-hand because I didn’t get fried when I chewed on all those cords. My Mama says it’s because they were unplugged, but that could have been God’s presence, provision and protection; my discovery, expressing my creativity as a creature of God, the unplugged cords, and living to see another day!

Advent Action

This Advent stuff is new to me, but it has got me to thinking. How do you see God’s presence, provision, and protection in your own life?

Action Prayer

Thank you, God, that I can discover new things about myself and You every day. Amen.

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