Did I Really See That?


One of the wonderful things about rural living is the natural beauty all around. Because we are rural, we are spared the unsightly roadside billboard. After all, who is going to see a billboard in a rural area? Hence, no ugly billboards to visually pollute.

We had business in Austin (we’re about 75 miles from Austin) and decided to take a different route home. How fortuitous for you, gentle blog reader! Some things one just cannot make up! I only wish I had more pictures to document the experience! (The picture featured here was taken on my iPad while driving. Thus, my limitations).

We must have been on billboard boulevard. There was one billboard after another with the usual advertisement fodder. So usual, most of them didn’t even register for me. Then, within a mile stretch, I was rewarded with three billboard messages I still remember. Actually, it’s more like: did I really see that?!?

Did I really see: God, Gays, and Guns?!? The sign was advertising some radio talk show, I think, since there was a radio station’s numbers in the lower right-hand corner of the sign. I get the alliteration factor, but the subject combination…? I sense the oh-oh feeling coming on.

Then, did I really see: a billboard advertising the Cowboy Church?!? Did you know that there is a network of independent churches called The Cowboy Church? Yes, indeed.

I once did a biker wedding where everyone, including the bride and groom, rode in on their Harleys. Maybe this is like that. Cowboys and cowgirls ride in on their horses. Communion is coffee from an enamel coffee pot from the campfire and a few baked beans rustled up by the camp cook.

The next sign: Don’t go to church with a picture of a church. The only other piece of information on that sign was don’tgotochurch.com. Don’t bother looking it up. The address isn’t valid.

We saw a couple of other things that were totally bonus treats.

Bonus treat #1: A business, on that same mile stretch as the billboards had this message on their marquee:

If guns kill people, then pencils misspell words.

Bonus treat #2: A cemetery sat on the corner of a busy intersection in what I would consider to be a strip mall-like area. OK, maybe the cemetery was here before strip malls starting sprouting up. What really surprised me was the new-looking church building, set behind the cemetery, with impressive, full-facade stained glass windows facing the cemetery! I don’t know about you, but I might be a little distracted during the sermon. I’m sure the congregation would be sitting facing the stained glass windows and, hence, viewing the graveyard. (Hmm. Maybe the architect had exactly that in mind!)

Bonus treat #3: A full set of plate-amour (yes, just like 15th century knights!) on the front porch of a very worn-down looking 1970s track house! I get it. The average person’s version of yard bling!



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