Cowboy Fixins

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a hermetically sealed environment. We have been intensely working on our company website and corresponding web apps. Of course, it has it’s own blog, and I’m now on Twitter besides an additional Facebook page.¬†You know it’s intense when I have to code stuff!

If it wasn’t for the guests coming and going at the bed and breakfast across the street, I might not have any outside entertainment. It’s excellent people-watching. Of course we wonder where they’re from, how everyone is related, and what stores did they shop in downtown.

It’s also a fashion show! I’m amazed at how fashion conscious the men are, sometimes more so than their female companions. I think the most fashion conscious men are the cowboys! (I don’t know if that’s how they would refer to themselves, but that’s what they look like to this nouveau-Texan). They have the whole look going on: the boots, belt buckle, and hat.

When custom boots cost upwards of $1,000, belt buckles are custom designed in silver and gold, and hats for each season complete the ensemble, these cowboys can rival any haute couture.

I asked my Oklahoman-bred husband what he knew about the cowboy belt buckles. How long had they been a fashion statement, did only rodeo guys have custom buckles, etc. He may have been raised in Oklahoma, but his general male-fashion-gene prevailed. He didn’t have any useful information for me!

Now, when do you think the cowboy belt buckle originated? I always assumed it was back in the days of the wild, wild west. Like 19th century United States frontier.

Nope. Once again the movie industry has influenced fashion. The early westerns (circa 1920s) featured cowboys with fancy belt buckles. While they weren’t necessarily trying to create a fashion statement, they were trying to create a connection with movie goers. What better way than to sell items related to the stars and characters of the silver screen!

Since then cowboy belt buckle has withstood the test of time. Does that now mean it’s classic chic? Does a cowboy have to match metals between his buckle and watchband? Do you go for custom or merely off the rack? Alas, so many fashion decision!

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